Lemonib Order Sheet

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Wangsa Maju

Welcome to Lemonib ordering sheet! Kindly read here before proceeding to order.

Each bottle of Lemonib is home-made traditionally using fresh, pure lemons. It is technically fresh fruit juice, hence MUST BE KEPT REFRIGERATED AT ALL TIMES to ensure freshness. Lemonib can last up to 7 days in the fridge before the taste changes, and more than a month when frozen. It is BEST CONSUMED WITHIN 3 DAYS. Remember to shake it well, and best served cold, even better with ice.

Lemonib is refreshingly delicious and has all the good properties of lemons such as rich in Vitamin C, good for digestive system, and gives excellent rehydration for the body. It is suitable for any occassion, anytime, anywhere, and everybody.

Just order how many bottles you like, and we'll deliver it to you. Enjoy!